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How to apply SPs in BPC 7.0 M

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I installed BPC 7.0 for M.

Got also a SP3 with an executable exe file.

I run it but when I check the version (i.e. from BPC for Excel) it keeps displaying 7.0.112 which I believe is the version without any SP.


Alberto Sabate

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Hi Alberto,

the version you have is in fact the SP3 client version: 7.0.112.

We went live on SP3 last week and the version changed to this one after installing the clients.

Previously it was 7.0.111 ...this is from the SP2 with patch 1...

and if you got SP2 without any patch this was 7.0.110...

hope it helps.

best regards,


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Please check the Download area again and the SAP Notes, because I think that BPC 7.0 SP3 for Microsoft is a full install package and does not require the original BPC 7.0M installed prior to adding SP3.

If you already had installed version 7 prior to any SP, and pushed out the clients to users, you will need to remove those clients and re-push or install the new SP3 clients to the user machines.

hope this helps.

Edited by: Petar Daniel on Mar 17, 2009 3:43 PM

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After installation of a SP into Server you have to rollout the client again.

Did you upgrade the SAP BPC client after the installation of SP3 for SAP BPC server?

If not then you have to do it.

Sometime the changes are done only into server side and in that case the version of SAP BPC client doesn't change because are no changes.

Any way like best practices is good to rollout the client always when you are applying a SP into server.


Sorin Radulescu