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How does the high number of "Connections Opened" per second shown in sp_sysmon output affect the performance of the ASE?

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We are currently at ASE 15.7.

The users have been experiencing slowness in their applications lately. On checking sp_sysmon output we see high values (sometimes well over 100) for "Connections Opened" per second.

We also see high numbers of update locks on master..syslogins table as well as prolonged waits on them (likely because each time the connection is established the lastlogindate column has to be updated in the syslogins table)...

I vaguely remember a technical discussion way back about a similar issue that happened on ASE 12.5, where the high numbers of "Connections Opened" had seemingly adversely affected the server performance. One of the experts wrote that whenever the number of "Connections Opened" per second starts exceeding 30 the ASE 12.5 server performance starts degrading drastically....

That being said about ASE 12.5 I was wondering if there is any sort of allowable limit for number of "Connections Opened" per second after which the ASE 15.7 performance starts degrading .

Thank to all who helps to address this issue.


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Thank you VERY much Mark !

This was all I needed to know.

Best regards,


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