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history table on linux problem !!!

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You may have noticed (or not noticed) that on some fields in SAP there is a History table that appears once you start entering (typing) information into the field.

The History table is a field box that appears underneath a field when you start entering information. An example of one of the fields is the Fund field.

This History table contains the last entries entered (by typing) into the field. Users have discovered that it allows a quick reference to regularly entered information.

This we i m observing on windows platform , but when i am using SAP on Linux fedora

same history table not creating.

Please help us to maintain history table in SAP on Linux fedora core 3 platform

Vijay Vadgaonkar


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Hello Vijay,

one thing you want to verify is :

in the login settings if "Speed: Low Speed Connection" is checked.

That will definitely stop the history from working.


Bernhard Räther

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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the problem is a bit more fundamental

The history feature is not implemented in SAP GUI for Java.

SAP GUI for Windows uses Microsoft MDAC to store the data, so the functionality can not easily be merged into the platform independent SAP GUI for JAVA.

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Product and Topic Expert
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the history list in entryfields requires persisting the data on the client.

Implementing this feature in SAP GUI for Java would introduce new dependencies and complexity, which competes the goals of the product to have minimal foot print, its web deployment feature, its capability to run as an applet in a browser and its platform independence.

So we decided to sacrifice this handy feature in favor of retaining the characteristics of SAP GUI for Java listed above.

To ease your pain because of this missing feature, you might want to use JavaScripts to populate certain fields with your frequently used values.

Best regards