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Groupbox added in Screen personas displays on Tab where it wasn't added

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I’m experiencing an issue when I add a “Group Box” in Personas.  I want to take a few fields from the “Marketing” tab on the display customer transaction (XD03) and merge these fields to another tab.

I’ve followed the tutorial posted by Tobias ( and I am able to get the fields from the “Marketing” tab to the “Control” tab.

However, I only want a few of these fields to be displayed on the “Control Data” tab.  If I move the entire group box, I can hide fields that I don’t want to see.  But, I can’t move the “Key Figures” group box up any further so that there is not too much space between the two title bars because the group box has a set size.  When I modify the size, a scroll bar appears for the Group Box, even if there aren’t any fields that are marked as visible to be displayed. 

Since I’m only moving a few of these fields, I decided to instead create my own “Group box” and once again move the fields I’m interested in.  This looks more visually appealing and doesn’t take up too much space.

However, now when I navigate to the “Sales Area Data” and select the “Shipping” tab, these group boxes are also displayed there.              

So when adding a groupbox in Personas on the second tab of “General Data”, this groupbox also appears on the second tab of the “Sales Area Data”.  Has anyone else faced this issue?  I’ve tried hiding the group box as well as deleting it, but if I do this on the “Shipping” tab, it also deletes them from the “Control Data” tab, which is where I want these Groupboxes to actually be. Does anyone have any idea how to stop a groupbox from appearing on a corresponding tab?  I’d appreciate any guidance/solutions. 

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Hi Erin,

When you enable tab cache ->Save and Exit.

Do you see a GREEN indicator or a RED on top right of your tab?



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HI Sushant,

The Tab Caching indicator is green.



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Hi Sushant,

Can you suggest me on the same above issue we are having too. I see the tab caching indicator is green.



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Hi Narendra,

This usually happens when the Program name and Screen number of the underlying dynpro are the same for both screens.
In your case, 'General Data' and 'Sales area data' screens have the same
Program name : SAPMF02D

Screen number : 7000

All changes made in a Personas flavor are mapped to the corresponding Program name and Screen number. Therefore, when either of the above mentioned screens load, the changes are applied on them.

As a solution, I recommend creating two flavors, one each for 'General data' and 'Sales area data' and switch between them using Personas script buttons.

Doing so will ensure that changes made for one screen is confined to one flavor and does not affect the other screen.