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GRC UAR Request - "notes" window greyed out when opened "Add Comments" link

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Hi All,

I am working on UAR configuration and below are main configuration details.

GRC AC 10.1 SP8

Reviewer - Role owner

No Admin stage

My Issue: When role owner click on "Add comments" to enter notes for reason for removal, pop window - "notes" opening but in disabled/greyed out mode and not able to enter comments. Moreover when role owner click on "Comments" tab in UAR request same greyed out window opening and not able to enter notes. This issue is not only for UAR request. Same comments issue for normal access request also. When role owner click on "Add comments" of any line item (New/Change account or UAR request) pop window - "notes" opening but in disabled/greyed out mode and not able to enter comments. When role owner goes to "Comments" tab in request, it is also in greyed out mode. "Add note" link also disabled. . Also once "comments" tab opened in greyed out mode, role owner is not able to perform any action in request and spinning for hours and need to close entire request window. I have searched for notes on this issue but no luck



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Answers (2)

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Hello Srinivas,

What is the setting you made for comments mandatory in MSMP?

This is how the comments mandatory behaves.

  • The stage configuration parameter 'Comments Mandatory' is used to provide comments at the request level and not at line item level.

  • If it is set to Rejection, then the request will ask for comments if the request is rejected by the approver. It would not ask for comments in case the approver approves the request.

  • Similarly if it is set to Approval, then it would ask the approver for comments if the approver approves the request and would not ask if the request is rejected.

  • If it is set to Both, then it would ask for comments for both Approval and Rejection.

Also, did you get a chance to check these notes?

2301756 - Comments mandatory setting does not work Risk Approval workflow

2214814 - UAR error: "Enter the notes for rejection"



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Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for your reply.

1. I am not checking "Reject users" option in MSMP modify task settings, so there is no chance of reject action from reviewers. I want to give only "approve" & "remove" options for reviewers. So I dint put anything in "Comments mandatory" and left as blank. My intention is to reviewer should enter line item level comments when they perform "remove" action. Here the main problem is with greyed out "notes" window when click on "Add comments". Moreover the "comments" tab of the  whole request also in display mode. I could not find "Add note" link in the comments tab. Also once I go comments tab or click on "add comments", its hanging for hours and not able to click on any other thing or close the notes window and I need to close entire request window.

As a testing I select "comments mandatory" only for "approve". then also I am not able to enter comments at line item level or whole request level in comments tab.  This problem is not only for UAR request. When I process a new/change request, there also when I click on "add comments" it is in greyed out/display mode.

Assume one more scenario  irrespective of input for "comments mandatory". When we process a request through "Administartion" option in search request window, we should enter our comments mandatorily irrespective of "comments mandatory" is set to which option. but here also I am not able to enter notes as it is display/greyed out mode.

I have checked given notes but no luck.



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Hi Srinivas

Check if parameter 2035 is set as "Yes".



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Hi Anika,

Thanks for your reply. Parameter 2035 is set as "Yes"