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GRC 5.3 SP16 CUP Email error

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Has anyone come across an error in GRC 5.3 sp 16 of:

      " : Email Reminder :   : Null values. Mail not sent subjectnullcontent = nullemail"  

This happens periodically and when we bounce seems to resolve the issue - but would rather find out why it is occurring.  We have confirmed that the email is up and running and the names that populate do in fact have email accounts.

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Hi Deborah,

This error generally occurs when the job for
email dispatcher may have been running when the next tried to execute.
See notes below for helpful information and steps to take to ensure
no overlapping occurs.

1455934    Notification emails not sent for CUP requests
1238928    CUP/AE: Emails are not sent to users
1228952    Configuration of Email Reminders job
1053034    Configuration of SMTP server and Email Dispatcher

Check to see if the email dispatcher was busy at the time the
next job was trying to run.  If so, please take the following steps
to resolve:

1) Please check the date format as well.
2) Cancel the schedule of Email Dispatcher job
3) Run the job in immediate mode and let it finish
4) Reschedule the job and this time give a recurrence time which is
   higher than it was before.

For example if the current recurrence time is 60 seconds then give a
value of 120 or 360 seconds, this is to make sure that the current job
completes before the next job starts (and avoid exceptions in the log).

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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Thank you we will check that . On thing to note is  everything was working fine - it just started yesterday and there were no changes.  So any ideas on how it can just 'occur'?

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Thanks again for the information - i did notice from reading your note that all three jobs reminder, escalation and dispatch were all scheduled to run every 60 seconds.  I changed them according to the note; so we shall see what happens.  Thanks for the information - it's just strange that it's been running for months and then just stops.