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Hello Experts,

Bascially I implemented the GRAC_MSMP_DETOUR_SODVIOL and it should follow my request to the Risk owner.

Lets consider the following request scenario:

1. Role with risk

2. Role with no risk

3. System line item

Shouldn´t only the role with the risk followng the detour route for sod violation? My routing level is set as Line item level.

The problem is that all the lines follow my Detour Sod rule and then only one has risk owner.

So a no agent is found message appears.

How can I fix this situation?

Thank you

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Answers (2)

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Hello Vosco,

Please make sure that the routing level is set as "Line item Level" in modify stage and in stage configuration settings.

If no, please set is.

If yes, please wait as the same issue is raised to SAP by my colleague for GRC 10.1 SP12. I would update once we have reply from SAP.

Kind regards,


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Welcome to SCN and the GRC space. What you should do is, first, provide the missing information per the Minimum Information required in this space. It is important to provide as many details as possible when posting questions but it is especially critical when there is unexpected behavior. SCN members and moderators are volunteers, and we are all taking time out of our own busy day jobs to help you and others. Forcing us to guess which release and SP you are on and which Notes might be applicable is a waste of everyone's time. Please review this document, and reply with the missing details. Thanks for helping us to help you.

Gretchen Lindquist

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Hi Gretchen,

Sorry that I didn´t provide the minimum information for my problem.

My release is V1100 and SP11. My workflow has one stage which is the Manager approval. If there is risk, only the line items with risk should detour based on the standard rule GRAC_MSMP_DETOUR_SODVIOL and the other line items should be provisioned.

Is this possible? Or rule detours the whole request?

Thank you