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Firefighter IDs Not Populating in GRC 10

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We're having an issue getting the firefighter IDs to populate in GRC 10.

We have:

1) Configured the integration scenario 'SUPMG' in GRC system (SPRO - Governance, Risk and Compliance - Common Component Settings - Integration Framework - Maintain Connection Settings)

2) Added 'SAP' connection type, 'CL_GRAC_AD_SUPER_USER_RFC' class/interface under 'Scenario-Connection Type Link' for integration scenario 'SUPMG'

2) Configured the 'Target Connectors' under the 'SUPMG' scenario

3) Verified that the superuser firefighter role 'SAP_GRAC_SPM_FFID' is configured under parameter 4010 (SPRO - Governance, Risk and Compliance - Access Control - Maintain Configuration Settings)

4) Verifed that the superuser firefighter role exists in the target system and that full authorizations have been added and generated for 'S_RFC' authorization object

5) Created a firefighter ID in the target system, setting the user type = 'Service' and assigning the superuser firefighter role to the user ID


I've read that the 'SAP_GRAC_SPM_FFID' (or custom variation) role needs to exist in both the GRC and target system. It currently exists in the target system but not in the GRC system. Is this step necessary?

Other than that, we can't figure out why the firefighter IDs would not be populating in GRC?!?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Answers (2)

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Kevin/ Phill

I am configuring the EAM and I donnot recollect any Parameters that I have to set in target systems ( R3 in this case) . Can you specify the parameters that I have to set in target system.

Also do we have to specify these parameters in all the target systems that are connected to GRC 10?

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Hi Parag,

Please check this blog post which gives you clear idea about all the details required for your EAM configuration.



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Hi Phil,

I assume that you haven't tried to assign an owner to your ID, or? The only chance find a new Firefighter ID is to check it at the Owner assignment, because this is the first step you have to process before assigning it to a Firefughter User or Controller. Check it out. That was at least my missing piece... 😉