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File systems to be backed up and how to check sixe of the file system

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Hi All,

I want to take back up of mys system I have ECC 6.0 on Sun OS with Oracle database.

Please let us know which File systems to be backed up and how to check sixe of the file system



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

I am not sure what is that you want to backup...

So we have three coponents: OS,DB,Application.

How ,what will depend on how your backup startegy is and what kind of tools you are using to make this happen and using that what you want to backup.

As oracle is the DB: So you may be using the RMAN or we can use 3rd party like Tivoli etc.

OS :Backup ...Every day nignt they usually take this backup Other than the OS image but also including some important F/s .And this is again you can go for incremental or full.

Usually they go for incremental...However we take some backups in middle.

So I assume that your question is about DB backup....That is finally the application(SAP) saves data in DB tables ,table spaces...(Logical) and in physical way to tell that is Datafiles.

So for the DB the important files are DATA itself ,log files, control file and configuration files.

So this again two types that is Offline ,online.

Usually we go for online backup given we run our DB in archive log mode..this is recommended.

Once in a while depending on Downtime availability we can take offline backup.

So entire Backup concept is should tobe able to restore data in case of Crash with out any significant data loss and getting preapred for that.

In AIX go to the root or As SIDADM run df -gt this will dispaly you the file system ..In taht we can see the full assigned and used size for SAPdatas we can take roughly taht as the size of your SAP database.Apart from this other important files mensioned above. or we can all these from DB02 .This will show the split up and gives all kids of statistics.

Important f/s:



/oracle/SID/(control files)

/oracle/SID/dbs/initSID.ora (other init files)

And also Backup itself is very wast subject (Backup and Restore) .I thought of giving jus brief info about it .So kindly go through the link provided by Markus.

Hope this info will be of some help!!!



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Answers (1)

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Please go to

and see at the bottom of the page "Backup and Recovery "