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File location in tcode GRAC_WF_MIG

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I am in process of migrating data from AC 5.3 to GRC 10.0.

As per the Migration Guide, after importing all the exported files from 5.3 into GRC 10.0, I am into step Importing Workflow Rule Data.

In this step, there is one tcode GRAC_WF_MIG to migrate Initiators and CAD initiator/agent.

In this tcode the first field is Initiator/CAD File location.

I am not sure what file name is required here and how to get those files.

Please help.



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When you export data you give the path where it it sored.

(configure data export location)

every thing is there in guide Buddy, let me know if you need anythign in details.

once you install migration tool you can access link

1. Launch the GRC 10.0 Data Export Application using the following URL: http://<servername>:5<instance>00/webdynpro/dispatcher/ GRC2010Migration where <servername> and <instance> represent the server name and instance in your environment.

2. Log on to the application using your user ID and password. The user ID must be assigned the Administrator role.

here you can set location then export data.


Prasant K Paichha

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Hi Prasant,

We have AIX OS. I have tried providing the location ( i.e. /usr/sap/trans/grc_import ) as the path, but:

1. For this tcode what should be the file? Since all exported files got imported into GRC 10.0 There is no file remain for this part.

2. From within GRC 10.0 tcode, will it read the OS destination?

In the migration guide, it is not specified about the location and file for this step.

Please suggest.