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Event driven monitoring in PC10.0

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Im currently trying to make use of event driven monitoring in PC10.0

My backend system is ECC. If any changes has been made to a particular field in a specific table, how the event will be communicated to my GRC system.What are the settings that i need to do in backend system and in my GRC system.

Can someone advice me on  this request please.


Ashok S

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Answers (1)

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Setting this up in PC 10 requires configuring event-based monitoring in the IMG and configuring the event-based rules and controls.  However, the issue is that you need event processing software on your ECC back-end system.  You need something that identifies the event on your ECC system and sends it to GRC.  GRC itself cannot do this.  This software could be NetWeaver or HP's ArcSight, among others.  In most cases you can achieve almost the same result by using the time-based scheduling for the monitoring of the control.  For example, scheduling daily monitoring of the control would yield the same identification of what you want to monitor, just not in a real-time basis.