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Error after implementing note 1670504

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Hi all.

After implementing note 1670504 - AC 10.0 Risk Owner Wokrflow Agent - Class Based RuleI am implem, in order to include the risk owner into the MSMP process i am facing an error where MSMP indicates that class ZCL_GRAC_WFA_RISK_OWNER does not return any approver. However i have already assign a Risk Owner for the risks involved. Please see image below.

I have check the class ZCL_GRAC_WFA_RISK_OWNER and i realize that attribute M_RISKS_RETRIEVED and the type ABAP_BOOL seems not be recognized as any description appears into the defintion field. Could be that error? If so how i do define ABAP_BOOL?

Kind regards and thank you.


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Answers (2)

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I'm facing the same problem. Can you share what was the solution for this?

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A few things to check

1) Reactivate the MSMP workflow once you have maintained the new agent and assigned it to the required stage etc.

2) Check a risk owner is established for every single risk ID. Also ensure the user has "Risk Owner" tick in the AC Owner's table and has the correct authorisation roles assigned.

3) Check if the Stage approval setting is set to "All Approvers" or "Any One Approver".