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EPM V10 issue : Install conflict between PCM 10 & BPC 10

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Our team is working on a prototype of EPM 10 solution (BPC 10 & PCM 10). We have met 2 conflicts between BPC 10 and PCM 10 at client side (Excel & Internet Explorer):

1. There are 2 separate EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office (Excel). One for BPC and another for PCM. We should install EPM Add-in PCM at first, otherwise we can't install it after BPC. Obviously EPM Add-in for PCM is a previous version refering to that of BPC.

But after installation of EPM Add-in PCM then BPC, we lost the "Data Manager" tab in Excel ribbon.

2. After installation PCM 10, we canu2019t access BPC via Internet Explorer any more. IE shows u201CAdd-on can not work u2026u201D. But we can open BPC Web client via Chrome. Is there any conflict of the ActiveX between PCM & BPC for IE ?

Thank you for any proposition & solution.

Kind regards,

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Regarding the "Data Manager" display problem, please also make sure the following option is enabled.

In the "EPM" ribbon, go to "Options" > "Command Display Options" > "Data Manager" and check the "All Buttons" option.

Kind regards,

Bernd Land

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Maybe I don't understand your description of the problem clearly, but I want to state that there is intended to be only 1 EPM 10.0 add-in for Excel which works with both BPC and PCM.

Also since both the products you mention are in Ramp-Up currently, feel free to reach out to your customers ramp-up coach(es) to assist further.

Best regards,

[Jeffrey Holdeman|]


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Americas Customer Solutions Adoption (CSA) team