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EP-BP certification

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We are planning to go ahead with the EP-BP certification. I had a few questions regarding the Business Package, namely -

1) We have a role in our BP which has been set to an entry point. Do we also need to set our workset as an entry point? (For the case where the implementor would like to directly assign our page rather rather than our role to users)

2) We have a Type B package - 1 iView, 1 Page, 1 Workset and 1 role. We don't have complex worksets, do we still need to take care of setting sort and merge IDs? If yes, how?

3) We have a J2EE application (which we also are planning to have certified) whose content will be shown in the iView. Since we plan to deliver the EAR and EPA as an SCA, we are not using a system. Rather, we want the administrator to change the URL (depending on the server) in the iView after the SCA installation. We are using the Application Integrator iView, hence the implementing Administrator will have to change the server and port in the link http://<server>:<port>/<application>?cssClass=<LAF.StylesheetUrl>. Is this accepted (for the certification)? Or do we HAVE to implement a system for the J2EE application?

4) We have named all our folders in the format com.encoway.pct.<application>. In short, our main folder ist com.encoway.pct.<application>.<encoway_app>. The iViews folder is com.encoway.pct.<application>.iviews. Is that all right or do we need to rename the iViews folder as just "iviews". The above are all technical IDs of course.

Thanks for looking into it!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sameer,

to 1) I would suggest to set the Workset as entry point and not the role as normally the name of the Workset is what should be displayed in the top level navigation.

to 2) Yes, the sort ID of your Workset has to be in the range of 20-39. Merge IDs certainly have to be only set if they are needed, which I assume is not the case in your project!?

to 3) Yes, this is accepted

to 4) That's fine. However for the "iViews" folder (same is certainly also true for the "roles", "worksets" and "pages" folder) no prefix would have been necessary.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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Hi Markus!

Thanks for your answer. Yes, we do not need merge IDs or sort IDs in our project but since we were checking our document for registration, I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks again!


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