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Entries in services file

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I can't find entries in services file for installed SAP Netweaver Trial.

Could anybody tell what entries should be done. I want to do this manualy.

Thanks in Advance


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Hello Adam

  1. Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.


  1. This file contains port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA


  1. Format:


  1. <service name> <port number>/<protocol> [aliases...] [#<comment>]


echo 7/tcp

echo 7/udp

discard 9/tcp sink null

discard 9/udp sink null

systat 11/tcp users #Active users

systat 11/tcp users #Active users

daytime 13/tcp

daytime 13/udp

qotd 17/tcp quote #Quote of the day

qotd 17/udp quote #Quote of the day

chargen 19/tcp ttytst source #Character generator

chargen 19/udp ttytst source #Character generator

ftp-data 20/tcp #FTP, data

ftp 21/tcp #FTP. control

telnet 23/tcp

smtp 25/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

time 37/tcp timserver

time 37/udp timserver

rlp 39/udp resource #Resource Location Protocol

nameserver 42/tcp name #Host Name Server

nameserver 42/udp name #Host Name Server

nicname 43/tcp whois

domain 53/tcp #Domain Name Server

domain 53/udp #Domain Name Server

bootps 67/udp dhcps #Bootstrap Protocol Server

bootpc 68/udp dhcpc #Bootstrap Protocol Client

tftp 69/udp #Trivial File Transfer

gopher 70/tcp

finger 79/tcp

http 80/tcp www www-http #World Wide Web

kerberos 88/tcp krb5 kerberos-sec #Kerberos

kerberos 88/udp krb5 kerberos-sec #Kerberos

hostname 101/tcp hostnames #NIC Host Name Server

iso-tsap 102/tcp #ISO-TSAP Class 0

rtelnet 107/tcp #Remote Telnet Service

pop2 109/tcp postoffice #Post Office Protocol - Version 2

pop3 110/tcp #Post Office Protocol - Version 3

sunrpc 111/tcp rpcbind portmap #SUN Remote Procedure Call

sunrpc 111/udp rpcbind portmap #SUN Remote Procedure Call

auth 113/tcp ident tap #Identification Protocol

uucp-path 117/tcp

nntp 119/tcp usenet #Network News Transfer Protocol

ntp 123/udp #Network Time Protocol

epmap 135/tcp loc-srv #DCE endpoint resolution

epmap 135/udp loc-srv #DCE endpoint resolution

netbios-ns 137/tcp nbname #NETBIOS Name Service

netbios-ns 137/udp nbname #NETBIOS Name Service

netbios-dgm 138/udp nbdatagram #NETBIOS Datagram Service

netbios-ssn 139/tcp nbsession #NETBIOS Session Service

imap 143/tcp imap4 #Internet Message Access Protocol

pcmail-srv 158/tcp #PCMail Server

snmp 161/udp #SNMP

snmptrap 162/udp snmp-trap #SNMP trap

print-srv 170/tcp #Network PostScript

bgp 179/tcp #Border Gateway Protocol

irc 194/tcp #Internet Relay Chat Protocol

ipx 213/udp #IPX over IP

ldap 389/tcp #Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

https 443/tcp MCom

https 443/udp MCom

microsoft-ds 445/tcp

microsoft-ds 445/udp

kpasswd 464/tcp # Kerberos (v5)

kpasswd 464/udp # Kerberos (v5)

isakmp 500/udp ike #Internet Key Exchange

exec 512/tcp #Remote Process Execution

biff 512/udp comsat

login 513/tcp #Remote Login

who 513/udp whod

cmd 514/tcp shell

syslog 514/udp

printer 515/tcp spooler

talk 517/udp

ntalk 518/udp

efs 520/tcp #Extended File Name Server

router 520/udp route routed

timed 525/udp timeserver

tempo 526/tcp newdate

courier 530/tcp rpc

conference 531/tcp chat

netnews 532/tcp readnews

netwall 533/udp #For emergency broadcasts

uucp 540/tcp uucpd

klogin 543/tcp #Kerberos login

kshell 544/tcp krcmd #Kerberos remote shell

new-rwho 550/udp new-who

remotefs 556/tcp rfs rfs_server

rmonitor 560/udp rmonitord

monitor 561/udp

ldaps 636/tcp sldap #LDAP over TLS/SSL

doom 666/tcp #Doom Id Software

doom 666/udp #Doom Id Software

kerberos-adm 749/tcp #Kerberos administration

kerberos-adm 749/udp #Kerberos administration

kerberos-iv 750/udp #Kerberos version IV

kpop 1109/tcp #Kerberos POP

phone 1167/udp #Conference calling

ms-sql-s 1433/tcp #Microsoft-SQL-Server

ms-sql-s 1433/udp #Microsoft-SQL-Server

ms-sql-m 1434/tcp #Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

ms-sql-m 1434/udp #Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

wins 1512/tcp #Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service

wins 1512/udp #Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service

ingreslock 1524/tcp ingres

l2tp 1701/udp #Layer Two Tunneling Protocol

pptp 1723/tcp #Point-to-point tunnelling protocol

radius 1812/udp #RADIUS authentication protocol

radacct 1813/udp #RADIUS accounting protocol

nfsd 2049/udp nfs #NFS server

knetd 2053/tcp #Kerberos de-multiplexor

man 9535/tcp #Remote Man Server

sapdp00 3200/tcp

sapdp01 3201/tcp

sapdp02 3202/tcp

sapdp03 3203/tcp

sapdp04 3204/tcp

sapdp05 3205/tcp

sapdp06 3206/tcp

sapdp07 3207/tcp

sapdp08 3208/tcp

sapdp09 3209/tcp

sapdp10 3210/tcp

sapdp11 3211/tcp

sapdp12 3212/tcp

sapdp13 3213/tcp

sapdp14 3214/tcp

sapdp15 3215/tcp

sapdp16 3216/tcp

sapdp17 3217/tcp

sapdp18 3218/tcp

sapdp19 3219/tcp

sapdp20 3220/tcp

sapdp21 3221/tcp

sapdp22 3222/tcp

sapdp23 3223/tcp

sapdp24 3224/tcp

sapdp25 3225/tcp

sapdp26 3226/tcp

sapdp27 3227/tcp

sapdp28 3228/tcp

sapdp29 3229/tcp

sapdp30 3230/tcp

sapdp31 3231/tcp

sapdp32 3232/tcp

sapdp33 3233/tcp

sapdp34 3234/tcp

sapdp35 3235/tcp

sapdp36 3236/tcp

sapdp37 3237/tcp

sapdp38 3238/tcp

sapdp39 3239/tcp

sapdp40 3240/tcp

sapdp41 3241/tcp

sapdp42 3242/tcp

sapdp43 3243/tcp

sapdp44 3244/tcp

sapdp45 3245/tcp

sapdp46 3246/tcp

sapdp47 3247/tcp

sapdp48 3248/tcp

sapdp49 3249/tcp

sapdp50 3250/tcp

sapdp51 3251/tcp

sapdp52 3252/tcp

sapdp53 3253/tcp

sapdp54 3254/tcp

sapdp55 3255/tcp

sapdp56 3256/tcp

sapdp57 3257/tcp

sapdp58 3258/tcp

sapdp59 3259/tcp

sapdp60 3260/tcp

sapdp61 3261/tcp

sapdp62 3262/tcp

sapdp63 3263/tcp

sapdp64 3264/tcp

sapdp65 3265/tcp

sapdp66 3266/tcp

sapdp67 3267/tcp

sapdp68 3268/tcp

sapdp69 3269/tcp

sapdp70 3270/tcp

sapdp71 3271/tcp

sapdp72 3272/tcp

sapdp73 3273/tcp

sapdp74 3274/tcp

sapdp75 3275/tcp

sapdp76 3276/tcp

sapdp77 3277/tcp

sapdp78 3278/tcp

sapdp79 3279/tcp

sapdp80 3280/tcp

sapdp81 3281/tcp

sapdp82 3282/tcp

sapdp83 3283/tcp

sapdp84 3284/tcp

sapdp85 3285/tcp

sapdp86 3286/tcp

sapdp87 3287/tcp

sapdp88 3288/tcp

sapdp89 3289/tcp

sapdp90 3290/tcp

sapdp91 3291/tcp

sapdp92 3292/tcp

sapdp93 3293/tcp

sapdp94 3294/tcp

sapdp95 3295/tcp

sapdp96 3296/tcp

sapdp97 3297/tcp

sapdp98 3298/tcp

sapdp99 3299/tcp

sapgw00 3300/tcp

sapgw01 3301/tcp

sapgw02 3302/tcp

sapgw03 3303/tcp

sapgw04 3304/tcp

sapgw05 3305/tcp

sapgw06 3306/tcp

sapgw07 3307/tcp

sapgw08 3308/tcp

sapgw09 3309/tcp

sapgw10 3310/tcp

sapgw11 3311/tcp

sapgw12 3312/tcp

sapgw13 3313/tcp

sapgw14 3314/tcp

sapgw15 3315/tcp

sapgw16 3316/tcp

sapgw17 3317/tcp

sapgw18 3318/tcp

sapgw19 3319/tcp

sapgw20 3320/tcp

sapgw21 3321/tcp

sapgw22 3322/tcp

sapgw23 3323/tcp

sapgw24 3324/tcp

sapgw25 3325/tcp

sapgw26 3326/tcp

sapgw27 3327/tcp

sapgw28 3328/tcp

sapgw29 3329/tcp

sapgw30 3330/tcp

sapgw31 3331/tcp

sapgw32 3332/tcp

sapgw33 3333/tcp

sapgw34 3334/tcp

sapgw35 3335/tcp

sapgw36 3336/tcp

sapgw37 3337/tcp

sapgw38 3338/tcp

sapgw39 3339/tcp

sapgw40 3340/tcp

sapgw41 3341/tcp

sapgw42 3342/tcp

sapgw43 3343/tcp

sapgw44 3344/tcp

sapgw45 3345/tcp

sapgw46 3346/tcp

sapgw47 3347/tcp

sapgw48 3348/tcp

sapgw49 3349/tcp

sapgw50 3350/tcp

sapgw51 3351/tcp

sapgw52 3352/tcp

sapgw53 3353/tcp

sapgw54 3354/tcp

sapgw55 3355/tcp

sapgw56 3356/tcp

sapgw57 3357/tcp

sapgw58 3358/tcp

sapgw59 3359/tcp

sapgw60 3360/tcp

sapgw61 3361/tcp

sapgw62 3362/tcp

sapgw63 3363/tcp

sapgw64 3364/tcp

sapgw65 3365/tcp

sapgw66 3366/tcp

sapgw67 3367/tcp

sapgw68 3368/tcp

sapgw69 3369/tcp

sapgw70 3370/tcp

sapgw71 3371/tcp

sapgw72 3372/tcp

sapgw73 3373/tcp

sapgw74 3374/tcp

sapgw75 3375/tcp

sapgw76 3376/tcp

sapgw77 3377/tcp

sapgw78 3378/tcp

sapgw79 3379/tcp

sapgw80 3380/tcp

sapgw81 3381/tcp

sapgw82 3382/tcp

sapgw83 3383/tcp

sapgw84 3384/tcp

sapgw85 3385/tcp

sapgw86 3386/tcp

sapgw87 3387/tcp

sapgw88 3388/tcp

sapgw89 3389/tcp

sapgw90 3390/tcp

sapgw91 3391/tcp

sapgw92 3392/tcp

sapgw93 3393/tcp

sapgw94 3394/tcp

sapgw95 3395/tcp

sapgw96 3396/tcp

sapgw97 3397/tcp

sapgw98 3398/tcp

sapgw99 3399/tcp

sapmsLED 3601/tcp

sapmsDEM 3601/tcp

sapdp01s 4701/tcp

Service file look like this