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eCATT: drop down value

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I am trying to update business partner (BP) using eCATT. In Transaction BP, I use:

1- GOTO> Initial Screen

2- enter the BP number and hit enter

Now have two issue:

a- with no logical reason, sometime i get into the next screen in Display mode or in Change mode, so there are no real way for me to determine the mode status so I am stuck

b- I want to change the "role" from business partner to employe. Here again I sometime come in as employe and sometime and Business Partner - i am the recording of the dropdown does not work properly?

Any advice? This type of new transaction are more and more common, if eCATT cannot record them, then what is the solution?

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Hi Gilles,

I just had the same problem in the same transaction. The way around it is to do a GETGUI command on the field that you want to change (BP number in this case) and retrieve the <b>Changeable</b> property. If it is 'X', you can carry on. If it is initial (' '), click the "Change/Display" button in your script.

For the dropdown list, don't leave it to chance - set it in your recording. To do this, you should use the item key, not the text. You can set the SAPGUI to display the keys in the GUI options on the <i>Expert</i> tab. The field is called "Show keys in all dropdown lists".