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ECATT: Creating a summary report based on the script logs.

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Hi All,

I have created a script which records the following scenario:

1)Creating a PO - ME21N

2)Creating a GR - MIGO_GR

I have created multiple variants for this scenario with different set of data.

I have executed the script for both the variants and got successful logs at the end of the run.

Now, to view the different Purchase Orders and Material Documents created, I have to drill down the logs to the corresponding Export Variables where i have captured the required data.

Since there are multiple variants executed, it is very cumbersome to drill down the complete log to glean the required data.

Is there any other possibility to retrieve the PO's and Material Documents created for the different variants so that they can summarized into a report for validation purposes?

The intent is to validate the PO's and material documents created via the ECATT script.

Any suggestions ???



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Hello Tharani,

=>As Jens mentioned, making export parameters to the variables, which are part of SAP messages, is one of the options by which the required values become different than the whole log. As the Export is last node of the log.

So even if there is a large chain of transactions being executed, you can simply drill down to last node Export and get the required values for verification from there.

=> If you are specifically looking for a report than following are tables of eCATT where from the generated log number you can get all the information. You can write ABAP program for accessing data from these tables and generate the report as per requirement -

1. ECLOG_DATA Table with Logged Runtime Data from Script

2. ECLOG_HEAD Table for Log Header

3. ECLOG_SCNT Additional Log Lines for Script Line (such as Messages)

4. ECLOG_SCR Table of Log Entries for a Script Line

5. ECLOG_XDAT Table with Logged Runtime Data from Script


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Dear all,

while thinking on reading data directly from the eCATT log tables please keep in mind that this is NOT an official API provided by SAP.

Structure and even usage of these tables might change from release to release.

Best regards


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you can try to use MESSAGE/ENDMESSAGE blocks to capture messages raised during your business object creation. (See documentation)

It is common to a lot of transactions to "report" new created or even saved business objects to the user by issuing "Material 0815 was created/saved."

The "0815" often is a variable part of the message, which you can read from the ENDMESSAGE command interface by some script logic. You can export that value from your script by defining export parameters.

Nevertheless, there is no standard function to collect the export data of several variants to one data storage. Maybe someone can code something to store these data in a db table or use STORE/RETRIEVE (see documentation) to collect them somehow.

Best regards