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Duet Enterprise - reporting

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I have been looking for a good document that tells us in and out about Reporting feature in duet enterprise.

But i failed to get one .

I have following queries, if someone has any experience with reporting, any comments would be helpful!!

a) Do we have any error handling functionality for reporting? What happens if a report runs in error?

b) How do we handle input validation of sap reports through Duet enterprise reporting?

c) Can we use reporting for scenarios wherein the o/p is a pdf form or a smartform? We have a scenario wherein the report generates timesheet in the form of pdf document. Can we handle such Custom/standard reports via sap duet enterprise?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is some documentation on reporting as far as what functionality is available, how to configure a report and timepoints etc. in this article.

Also there is a wiki page we created showing some additional good links to look at

As for your other questions:

a) There is error handling. So there are 2 types of errors. 

     i) Error in the landscape itself:  Since Reporting is an asynchronous call, you will need to follow the error through the landscape.   One of my colleagues created a troubleshooting guide for reporting a while back but it is essentially valid for Feature Pack 1 as well.

     ii) Issue during run of scheduled Report:  In this case, issue is usually caused by the following

           1) User does not have authorization to run the report

           2) Parameters are invalid or mandatory parameter does not have value

           3) Report has no data

         In this case, setting up notifications in the landscape will allow the exact error message to be emailed to the person requesting the report.  An administrator needs to set up notifications and schedule a notification job that will run and send out all emails.   You can find more details in the SAP configuration installation guide on SDN.

b) I think this is answered above but if not, let me know.  I may need an example.

c) Right now reporting can only support the following types of reports.  SAP ERP ALV, non-ALV, SAP Queries.  For BI, Queries and workbooks are supported.  You can output the non-ALV and SAP Queries and BI queries in pdf.   But I think your question is if it is already being output as a pdf, can DE support it.  I would currently say no, but will need to check with our development just in case.  Again this is current but in future versions this may change.

Also, if you have more questions, please join our SAP webinar dedicated to Reporting on May 30th.  If it is not in your timezone, it will be recorded. 


Registration link:

Integrate SAP into Microsoft SharePoint

5-Part Webinar Series: Boost Productivity with Duet Enterprise

Make better decisions by incorporating SAP reports into SharePoint with
Duet Enterprise

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time: 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT

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to Duet Enterprise.

hope this helps,


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Thanks a ton Linda!!! Your answers are very helpful!

I have gone through the configuration guide for reporting.

My doubts are basically for the scenarios where in we can use reporting to change existing functionalities like ESS on portal for a customer.

I had one more query:

we are trying to figure out how to replace a report that sends pdf to portal with a duet enterprise solution.

In a scenario wherein a customer already has an enterprise portal and would like to replace it with duet.If he has his payslips or other reports being displayed in the form of pdfs on portals, what approach can we take?

The reporting flow looks like :

report ->document publisher->obaservice->document library
A) Can you tell us what exactly is document publisher?
B) What approach could be helpful to us, in sending pdf/smartforms to Sharepoint via duet enterprise.

I have already registered for the webinar.. but may not be able to attend it.But would definately go through the recording!



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Hi Meghna,

In the scenario that you are describing, this sounds like custom development using the Duet Enterprise platform.  You would need to investigate what RFCs or web services are available for delivering payslips or other documents in pdf form and then create the model in Duet Enterprise to expose this to SharePoint via Duet Enterprise.  The out of the box reporting would probably not work in this case unless possibly you find a standard program or create a wrap around whose output can be interpreted as a non-alv report output that can be delivered as a payslip.     

For the second point, the document publisher is part of SAP Netweaver Gateway.   When a report is generated from the backend the SAP document publisher in the gateway system, together with permissions and other data, publishes the output into specific end point services in SharePoint.  It is a bridge between Gateway and SharePoint to deliver documents.  It doesn't format output as that is already done by standard netweaver, it just provides the delivery mechanism.

Hope this answers your question.


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Hi Linda,

I got the page related to Reporting information published. In the same page there are few links mentioned related to Reporting functionality but none of the links are working.

Can we get those videos or links to those videos in any case?

Link for the page is mentioned below.

Reporting - Duet Enterprise - SCN Wiki



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