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Draft issue for Automated monitoring

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Hi All,

For a control, 3 issues have been identified as deficient. For these 3 issues, one issue log has been created. Out of the 3 issues, only one has status as "Submitted".For the remaining 2 i see status as "Draft".

Can you please advise, what is the meaning for Draft and submitted status.

Ideally, the control owner should be able to assign remediation plan for 3 issues.Not sure why system is not allowing to assign remediation plan for the issues in Draft status.

Request your help to identify the issue.


Ashok S

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ashok,

What is the task name (Remediate Issue, etc)? I tested this on yesterday. I see that the draft status for an issue comes only when a new issue is created and the task window is not submitted.

This happens mostly when we have a TOE task for a control where an issue is created. The status of the issue is in draft status in that case as long as the TOE task is not submitted,

Once the TOE task is submitted, the issue gets changed to review or validated status as well.

Hence, I wanted to know the status of the main task in the Workflow log. It is good to involve a workflow expert who will explain the reason or a debug session will help in worst case.


Mohammed Kashif

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Hi Mohammed,

Could you please let me know what we need to do to change the status of a issue from Draft to Submitted. I am also facing the same issue as Ashok where I have linked 8 business Rules to a Control. I scheduled the control and got 8 issues. 7 of them are in Draft status and only 1 is submitted. Only the submitted issue is in Owner's work inbox. Rest 7 are still in draft(though results are generated and are in review required status) and I can't find a way to change that status. Could you please let me know what needs to be done.

Thanks !!!


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Hi Ashok

I would like to know what is the frequency that you have used while creating a job in automated monitoring.


Prateek Lal