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diff b/n full and incremental process

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Hi guys,

Can you please help me in knowing how performance is improved when I go for full process compared with incremental process, as both of them clear real and short term memory spaces and move to long term storage.

I am aware full process is going to take long time to optimize, so it must be having some extra functionality , but I am not clear what that is.

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Some additional information to the other posts on this thread:

Text below is comming from the helpfile:

Lite Optimization

Clears real-time data storage and moves it to Short-term data storage. This option does not take the system offline, so you can schedule it to run during normal business activity.

Incremental Optimization

Clears both real-time and short-term data storage and moves both to long-term data storage. This option takes the system offline, so it is best run at off-peak periods of activity.

Full Process Optimization

Clears both real-time and short-term data storage and processes the dimensions. This option takes the system offline and takes longer to run than the Increment Optimization. It is best run scheduled at down-time periods.

In the past there were some problems with the incremental Optimization. I found out that the time difference between Incremental and Full was not huge and I therefore always advice customers to use Lite and Full only.

Please also perform a Full Optimize PLUS a compress database frequently, this option will sum all double records. Performance of some parts of BPC, but especially of the Business rules consolidation and conversion can be improved drastic by using the compress db function.

If nightly downtime is possible, I advice a daily full optimize + compress DB. And during the day a liteoptimize when the number of records in the WB table exceeds the 15.000

Testing is always necessary to find out the best setup for a customer.

Hope this helps,


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Hi All,

I have found full process has additional feature of processing dimensions when compared with incremental process. Every thing else remains same.

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A light Optimize put the data from FACTWB into FACT2.

the Incremental put the data from FACT2 to FACT

the Full put the data from FACTWB to FACT and to FACT2

Basically, on a dev server only use FULL and LIGHT !!! You will gain speed...

The Incremental is useless to me... but it is only my point of view


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Just want to share the info I have

In BPC we have 3 kinds of fact tables

tblFACT<AppName> <- Long Term - a MOLAP technology

tblFAC2<AppName> <- Medium Term - a MOLAP technology


tblFACWB<AppName> <- Short Term - a ROLAP technology

During Optimization :

1. Lite = move from tblFACWB<AppName> to tblFAC2<AppName>

2. Inc = Lite and move from tblFAC2<AppName> to tblFACT<AppName>

3. Full = do Lite and Inc

I believe that by moving the data to MOLAP table of MS Analysis Service we will gather a better performance.