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Detour (Routing Rule) for SAP GRC BRM 10.0

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Hi experts,

like it is possible for ARQ, we’d like to create a routing rule in BRM for roles.

In ARQ you have the possibility to route requests/line_items according to the fact if the request has a SOD-Violation or not (rule= grac_msmp_detour_sodviol  --> updateable via SE37).

We would like to have the same for BRM. When you click at the “Initiate approval” button at the role maintenance methodology, the workflow should check automatically if there is a SOD-Violation in the role or not. Depending on the result the paths which are triggered in MSMP should be different (if there is a violation à 2 Stage path; if there is no violation à 1 Stage path).

Any ideas how we can achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards


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Answers (2)

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Dear Sebastian,

we want to configure same scenario as you. Please, could you informa us if you got the solution of that?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sebastian,

I am struggling with the same problem.

Do you already have a solution for this?

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Both,

BRM does not really have the "workflow" in the true sense of the word in terms of the methodology.

You can have the Risk analysis step in the method but that will not be enforced.

The actual workflow for role approval is simply a single step approval to the Role owner identified by the master data. Since it is initiated and configured through the MSMP configuration screens it would be possible to configure the routing rule but you'll have to play with the context significantly to be able to get the risk related objects assigned. You'll also have to enable the risk analysis capability in the approver processing screens to be able to evaluate that at runtime.

This would be big technical change to enable those features unless you try to change the request type configuration so that Role approval actually calls the SAP_GRAC_ACCESS_REQUEST process ID. In which case, you may have the additional capabilities but otherwise, I think this will be an enhancement request to SAP to provide the full workflow conditions into the SAP_GRAC_ROLE_APPR MSMP process.