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Delete All Rules Issue 5.3

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Hi all,

I have an urgent issue and was wondering if you might be able assist. I’m simply trying to do a deletion of all the rules in our Development System and its been running for over a  day and a half. If I recall from my past projects its has only taken 1-4 hours to complete.

Note: Before I tried to delete the existing rule set I tried to reload the Standard Rule Set over the custom one we had, but when I went to generate against my logical system it still showed the custom rules. Hence the reason I am trying to delete the old one, load the new one and generate.

Also, something to note, so far the job has deleted all the analysis results on the informer tab but not the rules tab yet. Therefore Its appears to be working? Not really sure though.

As always, any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Kyle,

For this please refer SAP note 1416728 Manage Deletion Functionality (RAR 5.3) for an explanation of what this utility was intended to do.  It is provided so that obsolete connectors could be removed and the rules associated. Manage Deletion functionality for deleting systems will delete data for the particular  system and it will only exclude data relevant to that system, unless you select 'All Systems'. All other system's data will remain.

Secondly, this job may take time depending on your volume of the data and of the performance of your system . In the meantime you may run a SQL trace on the VIRSA* table in the database to see the status.

So, I would suggest you to wait for the job to complete because again depending on the volume of violations in the system this job even might take so few days or weeks to complete.

I hope this information will help.


Yukti Sharma