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Cross client SAP Login picture

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We are trying to set a new SAP login picture, but only for our client. Is this possible or the SAP login picture has to be for all clients?

Thank you.

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Answers (3)

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thank you

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If you are talking about the picture that displays on the screen with the SAP Easy Access menu, then having it vary by client requires a small repair to a SAP function module.

The name of the picture is stored in table SSM_CUST with a key of 'START_IMAGE'. This table is client independant, and thus only a single picture per system can be set.

However, the picture name is loaded by function module "NAVIGATION_READ_START_IMAGE" which could be repaired to do what is wanted.

Two options are:

1. Add the client to the end of the picture name key (ie 'START_IMAGE_000', 'START_IMAGE_200') and store the values in the SAP SSM_CUST table.

2. Create a Z table with the same fields as SSM_CUST, but with MANDT in the first key position, and read the name from there. You could also add fields like UNAME to the table key and have different pictures for each user if you wanted to, or Day / Date / Time fields so a differnt picture is used weekdays or after lunch (you could have lots of fun with this).

In ECC6 you cannot use the implicit enhancement points in this function module to achieve this, because the function is part of "Central Basis" and SAP prevents it from being enhanced. So you need an access key to repair it I guess.


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Dear Pedro Barros,

Yes...possible. Pls discuss with your BASIS consultant for necessary activation.