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Communication between SAP CRM (WEB AS 6.20 or 6.40) and PHP

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Hi Guys,

I would like to implement a procedure that will communicate from my web Server (PHP + APACHE) to a SAP CRM SERVER (Web AS).

Now, i would like to ask you if is possible to use WebService for this implementation or is better to use the libraries phprfc.

An example to my idea would be:

1)Get the information about an user and after print those information on webserver.

2)Upgrade information in a SAP table, so sending data from a procedure situed on webserver.

I hope for your response.

Thanks a lot.


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Answers (2)

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I would go for web services. Any RFC enabled function module can be called as web service from WAS 610 onwards. Use BSP application 'webservicebrowser' to generate the WSDL for the function module.



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Hello Sanjeev,

AFAIK Web Services are supported starting with WebAS 6.20.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Eugenio,

Which is best comes down to a decision on which is best for you.

Are the Function Modules you planned to use already enabled as Web Services? If they are then "I" would use a Web Service approach for the reasons that I am more familiar with Web Services.

If they are not and you cannot change them, then SAPRFC would be the best choice.

Techically both approaches will work.

if you choose the Web Service approach you also need to be aware of the various technologies available for the different versions of PHP. Up until yesterday I was using nusoap, but I have found the holy grail in the PHP SOAP Extension (PHP5). This makes the interaction with a service much simpler.