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Clarification on Member Access Profile - Access Right

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Any one pls clarify.

There are  3 dimensions  defined  as secured in the  EPM10 system in one of the model.

In the member access profile, for particular user access will be given for

Legal Entity                Selected Members

Product                       All Members

Account                      All Members

Can we provide write access to  all the above dimensions or write has to be for any particular dimension.  What will be the impact if we provide write access to all the above dimensions.

The data will be uploaded to BPC in the combination of Legal entity / Product / Account / Value combinations through DM/Input Schedules.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sriram,

bpc security is restrictive, you have to specify all the access type for all the secured dimension, if you don't define an access profile for one secured  dimension the user\team will not be able to access to this model.
You can build a m.a.p. for every single secured dimension or build only one m.a.p. for all the secured dimension.

Remember that if you specify more than one m.a.p. for a secured dimension the least restrictive will win.

"What will be the impact if we provide write access to all the above dimensions"

the user\team will be able to insert data on all the accounts and products of the specified entities.

For more informations please see the security guide.



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Thanks Roberto for your clarifications.

Actually the user team should be able to insert data on all these accounts/product/entities.

we will define accordingly.

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