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CJS-30252 Running priviledged function stop of sapcontrol requires a password of user adm which has not been entered

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Hello Gurus,

I am doing fresh installation of ER6 6.0 SR3( I belive that is ecc6.0) on Linux box.

The installation type is Central Installation( CI and DB both are on Linux box). Linux version is RED HAT 5.9

The kernel we are using is 720 ,500

I got error at the stage where sapinst starts sap instance.

Error - error in sapinst.log file

"CJS-30252 Running priviledged function stop of sapcontrol requires a password of user cecadm which has not been entered"

When I have checked sapcontrol_DVEBMGS.log - it says network connection refused , can not get Instance properties.

My dispatcher is not up.

I have attached here with error.

I have already checked SAP note 1249364 (Inst. SAP NetWeaver based on Kernel 7.11 - UNIX) , done the changes given in this note but no luck still the same error.

Please could someone help.


J Rasesh

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HI ,

We have been able to solve issue

The issue was in the keydb.xml file . The master password is not being entered into keydb.xml file under <SID>adm entry.So we need to copy the line for password in keydb.xml from another user into the <sid>adm user.

To do this - You need to open keydb.xml file using vi editor. Search for <sid>adm then look for field "password" this should be empty.Then Scroll down to one which has [CDATA[des24(XXXXXXXXX)]]

Copy that whole line into <sid>adm blank password field.

Once this is done then start your installation with option SAPINST_SKIP_ERRORSTEP=true

as - ./sapinst SAPINST_SKIP_ERRORSTEP=true

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That doesn't solve the problem. I have the exact same problem