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Chrome Browser - with NWBC, ScreenPersonas or BI

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Due to recent high-risk viruses and malware problems with IE - we are considering switching our default browser from IE to Chrome across the organization.

Can anyone comment on risks/issues of ScreenPersonas, NWBC or BI with Chrome browser?

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Hi Shane,

A few things come to my mind initially.

NWBC - for desktop can only use IE, you can't change that. The NWBC HTML version of course you can use Chrome - just check the PAM for your system for Chrome support levels

Screen Personas uses MS Silverlight (unless you just use the HTML version)... I'm not sure how well it works with the Silverlight plugin for Chrome - it might be fine... not sure.

Finally just also note that many of SAPs accessibility (screen reader support etc..) features aren't supported in Chrome also Adobe Interactive Forms don't work.