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Change the media path (dumps) during installation

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Hello experts,

We have moved the media (dumps) from one location <pat1> to other location <path2> during installation.

We are installing NW730, So at the first I gave installation export pointing to <path1>.

I have to provide the path of installation export again after oracle installation.

I have moved installation master dumps from <path1> to <Path2> during oracle installation due to space issue.

now, I cannot move back to <path1> due to the space issues.

I have edited keydb.xml from <path1> to <path2>, but still Installer pointing to <path1>.

Any idea on how to move forward without interrupting this installation / starting from the scratch.

Thanks in Advance.

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A symbolic link perhaps?

ln -s <path2> <path1>

This should work if there isn't anything else at <path1>.