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Change Text of the Buttons in UMB_PRES in SEM-CPM-BSC

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I want toi know if there is easy way to change the text of the button in the TCode UMB_PRES.

I want to chage the text that says "Drilldown" to an spanish text. And where it says "Score" & "Status" in the graphics part of the Analysis of the measure.

Or do I have to touch code to do that??? Is it in a table????

Thank you very much & Best regards...

Pablo Mortera.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes it is possible. See the SAP help on the topic modifications at the following URL.

Specifically the page...

You can also search the SDN site using the key words "menu painter" and "enhancement" for additional guidance.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Holdeman

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