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Can the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) be launched from SAP Portal ?

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After searching SDN, google and reading the NWBC30 documentation I have seen this question asked about a year ago and there was no solution. I would like to launch the NWBC 3.0 from SAP Portal 7.0. Our goal is to have all users access all systems from the SAP portal and use it as the SSO solution. We also want to have a consistent look and feel for all users be it portal or ABAP.

Has anyone gotten this working or is it even possible?

We will be upgrading our portal to 7.3 soon and I know NWBC 3.5 is not to far away from being launched so I have not read if this is a future plan?

Thank you.

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Theoretically you should be able to invoke the NWBC for html from the portal.

But I would ask why?

The intended use of NWBC is generally speaking to simplify navigation of the SAP User Interfaces.

As I see it. you either use the portal or you use NWBC.

Disadvantages of the portal is that it is hard to use SAPGUI screens and then you "loose" speed of executions in the transactions.

Disadvantage of NWBC for windows is that you still need clients installed on the desktops.

You also have the possibility to get the navigation from either a SAP ABAP stack on release 7.02 or higher or using a portal.

Why would you really launch the complete NWBC from the portal?

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I know it sounds like a strange request. My client would like to reinvent SAP UI. The desire was to have Portal the single point of entry to SAP and if NWBC is used to launch it from Portal.

One other disadvantage that you did not mention is the need for .net and therefore a requirement for a MS Windows PC. We have many MAC users that will not be able to use NWBC without using a virtual Windows of one kind or another.

Thanks for the answers and I will consider this closed.

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Please check if this note helps.

900000 Netweaver Business Client - FAQ

1527068 additional documentation for NWBC >=3.0