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Business ONE with PHP

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Hi, folks

I'm a PHP developer for 3 years. I have the need to connect with the SAP subiness One in combination with PHP and Apache 2.x on Windows 2003 Server.

I want to build an e-commerce website that uses the data from Business One database.

I want to able to do the followings.

-Registering an user on the online shop and that is stored in the sap DB.

- Able to read product details that is stored in the SAP DB with prices and stock info.

- Able to see orderstatus.

- able to order online and store in SAP database so we can finilize the order internal on sap client.

- Able to change delivery addres or company name and so an.

- Able to see the invoices from the web.

Is this possible with PHP/Apache/SAP Business ONE? Can anyone tell me more about this issue.

Thanks for your time.

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Of course it is possible, you simply need to know the Business One side, you can check here for more specific info on that side: