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brbackup to multiple disks for a different reason

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I am currently doing compressed backups to a single disk (actually a NFS mount).

The bottle neck is the compression program, and that it is single threaded. Only

one of my CPUs is being used.

What I would like to do is compress multiple files at a time but still to the same


Can one give the same 'disk' mutilple times for backup_root_dir ?

something like brbackup_root_dir=(/backup, /backup, /backup) and then

set exec_parallel to say 3 ?


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Answers (1)

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Hey Pete,

So you are running the backup with parallel processes, and it is still being restricted by the compression program? So essentially the compression is negating the parallelism of the brbackup call?

I'm not sure about your /disk/disk... question, but it sure would not hurt to try on something like the SAPUSER tablespace.

Compression is a dog for brbackups. Let me know how you do on the test please.