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BOXI API does not respect the filter to limit number of records displayed

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Support Case for BOXI

Title: BOXI API does not respect the filter to limit number of records displayed.

BOXI version: Business Objects boe XIR2 SP2



在报表编辑中,我设定了一个filter限制只显示SLAS最后行("Bottom 10 SLAsu201D to be <=3)

In the report, there is a filter to limit the number of SLAs in u201CBottom 10 SLAsu201D to be <=3.

在InfoView web 接口中显示的报表filter是在正常的工作,在底部总合有5行数据,在上部的表格中显示为3行

It works correctly while viewing the report using InfoView web interface. The total is 5 and in the upper table shows only 3.

但是在客户端API中filter没有正常的工作,报表是通过BOXI API产生的,你可以参考以下列出的java代码,

However the filter is not work in the API. The report is generated by using BOXI API, the java code is listed at the bottom for your reference.

I confirm by checking the output, the result from API does not respect the filter as it did in InfoView web interface.

I suppose it works well on BO v6.5 since the application is upgraded to BOXI after end of support of v6.5.

I would certainly like to enter a support ticket, for I am sure the behavior is different between the code and the InfoView and the customer is waiting for the fix. So please tell me how, thanks!


import com.businessobjects.rebean.wi.*;

DocumentInstance doc = serverSession.getDocumentInstance(getDocumentName(), repoType);



Get generated HTML


ReportImpl rep = (ReportImpl) doc.getReports().getItem(0);



m_boHtmlDoc = getHTML(rep);

protected String getHTML(ReportImpl rep)

throws ReportErrorException {

XMLView vx = (XMLView) rep.getView(OutputFormatType.XML);

byte[] xml = getBOXML(vx);

ByteArrayOutputStream html

= transformBOXMLtoHTML(xml, rep.getDocument());

return getString(html);


Any one who encountered this before? From my side I think it is a bug, so I post this message asking for help and hope it can be fixed soon.

I can send you screen shot if needed, thanks!

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