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Amending an eCatt script

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Dear Gurus,

I am trying to amend a script created earlier. I do not wish to delete the original script, but just amend it.

I had created the script using 'TCD Record'.

Please also inform me how to look at the 'script lines' for a script created with 'TCD Record'.


Debojit Dey

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Debojit,

there are 2 testtool versions available from SAP providing TCD Record:

- The older one is CATT, transaction SCAT, but that one is already "closed" in new releases of NetWeaver

- The new one, favorable to be used, is eCATT, transaction SECATT

Using trascation SECATT you can change your script, (if you still rememeber it's name). Again more favorable than using TCD is to use SAPGUI script command, enabling UI-Testing of SAPs SAP GUI-based systems since release 4.6C.

Best regards


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