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Add memory

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Hi all,

we have 16GB RAM in a server HPUX 11.11 SAP R3 Enterprise 4.70 2.00 / Oracle 9i and we want to add another 16GB

what are the correct settings profiles SAP and Oracle that has to change when you add another 16GB of RAM



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This will depend on how much memory you want Oracle to use and if the rest will be used by SAP... there is not a rule of thumb for this. If you have performance problems in DB then more memory should go to RDBMS, do you need more workprocesses? then you need to increase memory for that, you could probably add more memory for Table buffer but it is not wise to add just for adding because it could create a downgrade in performance instead.

Why not just ask for a SAP Service or use an early watch so you could get a better idea on where are the performance bottlenecks?

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from Database perspective you should consider DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS or DB_CACHESIZE (as of Oracle 9i, alternative to DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS) and SHARED_POOL_SIZE.

SAP will have many parameters major one would be extended memory parameters, buffer size and no of work process. It depends on many factors like SAP application installed, number of users, OS and DB requirements.

Thank You,

Praveen Gudipudi