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64 Bit Netweaver 7.02 ABAP Trial

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Hi Guru's ,

I have a question, do we have a 64 Bit OS version compatible Netweaver 7.02 available?

If not, then as per the requirements [mentioned here|] it is recommended to have RAM from 4-8 GB.But 32 bit OS can theoretically have MAX RAM used by Windows XP or Vista 32-Bit is around 4 GB ([Refer MS site|]) ,then why is it recommended to have 8 GB when it is of no use..Does any one knows the reason.



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with the same reasoning in mind i recently bought a new machine, installed "win7 64 bit" and tried to install "Netweaver 7.02 ABAP Trial ". I need to add that i have the "Netweaver 7.02 ABAP Trial " already running on "win xp 32 bit" but the memory is really the limitation. On win 7 64 my installation attempts already stop at phase 2:

D:\NWASABAPTRIAL70206\SAP_MaxDB_78_SP1_10_RDBMS\DATA_UNITS\MAXDB_WINDOWS_I386\SDBINST.EXE -l' is not analysable. The component Base is missing.).

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Yes i tried the same with my VIsta 64 bit, it gets struck.But surprisingly SAP recommends to use 4-8 GB when 32 Bit cannot take it.Any idea?