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An exciting opportunity to influence SAP has begun with the first cycle of the 2022 SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI). The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative enables you as an SAP customer or partner, to get early insights into SAP’s product developments and directly work with the developers to define and shape future product directions.

We are offering several interesting opportunities for customers to influence SAP’s solutions.

The projects will be open for customer registration until March 11, 2022. Find here the list of all projects:



SAP Business Technology Platform


Spend Management


CRM & Customer Experience


Knowledge & Education


Mobile Experience across products


SAP Globalization Services


SAP Enable Now





This is a new format that gets you in touch with developers from the Intelligent Spent Network group to share your insights about SAP Business Network, SAP Ariba Procurement, SAP Concur, and SAP Fieldglass. It is targeted at experienced users of the Software and a pre-questionnaire needs to be filled in.



How do I register on the Customer Influence website? A short overview about how to find and register for a CEI project can be found on

Follow-up after registration: When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call with the SAP project lead. At this point further participation is optional. Typically, all activities are governed by the Feedback Agreement with SAP.

Thank you in advance for your participation,

Customer Engagement Initiative Team