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In January, the Toronto Star published this article reporting on a restaurant that was “misrepresenting” its patrons through either direct substitutions (for example corn syrup for “Canadian Maple Syrup”) or “mislabeling” (for example regular Boned & Cut salmon for “BC Organic Salmon”). But it’s not just consumers who feel this pain.  Enterprises do too – particularly retailers and food producers.

Imagine you are a global retailer who sells a common staple like honey all around the world. How can you tell the golden material you are receiving at your warehouse is actually honey and not corn syrup?  Restaurant patrons in Toronto couldn’t.  Not only are retailers potentially losing money by paying higher prices but they may also become complicit in food fraud without even knowing it.

The same goes for food producers.  Imagine there is a drought in Colombia, where you regularly source Arabica coffee. What might your suppliers be more motivated to do if they cannot fulfil your large orders due to this drought? Dilution with Robusta is not unheard of.

At SAP we are collaborating with global leaders in food production, retail, and food safety on real solutions to address food fraud so we don’t have to rely on whistleblowers who have occasional pangs of conscience.  We want to rely on robust supply chain software solutions that can prevent food fraud in real-time, ultimately saving our customers money before it gets to their consumers and irrevocably damages brand equity.

Feel free to share this infographic to raise awareness and join us in being part of the solution to #StopFoodFraud

>> Sarah McMullin is a Director for Emerging Technologies at SAP Waterloo.  Working for a big company does not stop her from running simple like a startup.  Successful creator of junior honey badgers and applications that create new markets.  Fascinated by biogenomics and food fraud.  Follow me on twitter @Sarah_Sugoi