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I'm sure you are already adored. But in case you want more, and in case you want more visibility for the great work your information management teams are doing, then we have the solution for you. Apply to win the 2nd annual IGgie award, which will be presented at the ASUG Data Governance SIG event in Atlanta.

The event

We will hand out the award at the ASUG Data Governance SIG event. This event is free, and will be held on October 7 - 9 in Atlanta, GA. The event is co-hosted by customers Newell Rubbermaid and Coca-Cola, and will be held at Newell Rubbermaid.In summary, the conference is attended by both business and IT, and covers these topics. Check the ASUG site to register and see updated agendas: (ASUG login required). These topics are presented by partners and customers, who will talk about their own experiences, successes, and pitfalls:

  • Data Governance, including DG Organization Models
  • Ownership of the Data
  • Beginning an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Effort
  • Master Data Objects/Subject Area Projects (i.e., Customer Master Validation Solution or Approval Workflow)
  • Data Quality, Data Cleansing, Data Migration, Data Architecture, and Data Privacy/Data Sensitivity
  • SAP Master Data Governance (SAP Master Data Governance )
  • SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services (Data Services and Data Quality and SAP Information Steward )
  • Projects that Utilized Specific DG-related Tools

There will be technology track during the conference where you can learn about the solutions SAP offers for information governance. These sessions will go beyond the Level 1 overview details. To get the high-level overviews, check out the SCN spaces or the ASUG webinar recordings for Master Data Governance, Information Steward, and Data Services (ASUG login required).

  • Building rules & scorecards with SAP Information Steward to support data governance programs (speaker: ina.mutschelknaus ). How do you get buy-in from key stakeholders to invest in data governance?  And how do you prove you are successful?  In this session you will learn how to build validation rules and scorecards to evaluate the current state of your data, assess business context as it relates to rule failures, use Business Value Analysis to evaluate the cost of ungoverned data, and use scorecards to justify investments in governance programs.
  • Data Quality design and firewall (speakers:paul.medaille and ina.mutschelknaus ). High quality data is a necessary prerequisite to efficient business processes and accurate analytics.  In this session we will look at how you can design appropriate data quality rules with Information Steward and Data Services. We will also show how you can then use these data quality rules in many different use cases: data migration, batch processing, web sites, portals, and applications (including SAP CRM, MDG, etc.). All of these use cases together comprise a data quality firewall.
  • Data Governance Analytics with MDG + SAP BusinessObjects Lumira (speakers: simer.grewal and david.quirk ).
  • SAP Master Data Governance and SAP HANA (speakers:markus.kuppe and juergen.bold) This session will talk about the benefits that SAP HANA brings to your SAP Master Data Governance scenarios, for example for fuzzy search and duplicate detection, or for usage of SAP Operational Process Intelligence together with SAP Process Observer. We will present the results of a Customer Engagement Initiative that discussed the usage of SAP HANA in SAP MDG. We will also share our plans with regards to SAP Smart Business (aka "Enterprise Dashboards") on SAP HANA, as well as our roadmap towards SAP Master Data Governance, enterprise edition on SAP HANA ( .

The award

You do a lot of work to sell your company on the value of information. You slave over details that keep business processes and analytics running smoothly. You know about both % of nulls on key fields (and why that matters) AND the impact of quality address data to a good DSO number. Now the spotlight can be yours!

We believe you are oustanding, and more people need to know about it. Let us help you! SAP and ASUG are again awarding the Information Governance Excellence Award--the IGgie. The IGie Award is intended to recognize a team and/or project for your work in the Data Governance/Information Governance space. Many of you have paved the often uncharted and under-appreciated data path. ASUG Headquarters, Data Governance SIG Leadership, and SAP want to recognize your hard work and achievements. The IGie is a showcase for YOUR accomplishments. For more details on the IGie Award and the application process, please use the attached link to get to the IGie Application Award Form: Official IGgie rules are posted here: ASUG login)

The process is simple and the form is short. Any other excuses? Apply. How many times do you get the chance to come home from a conference with an awesome award?!? (BTW, it looks great on a resume, too.)

Coca-Cola won the award last year, and Johnson & Johnson was runner-up. For highlights of last year's conference and Coca-Cola's award, check out this blog from philip.on : .