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Community Manager
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When introduced to the Wiki, I realized that it has great potential, but in order to fulfill it, some steps would be required. The first was to upgrade the platform and improve the user interface and overall experience. this need was met with Wind of Change: Upgraded SCN Wiki Platform & Features.

The second, not less important step, is a true wiki content enhancement. In this blog, and in the following interview blogs series that will be published, I will share with you the great work that was done behind the scene to different wiki spaces to date. Like everything in the wiki, in order to make a real lasting change it needed to be done collaboratively :).

This realization led to the "wiki space council" concept. The council is a group of topic experts who join together to discuss content strategy, design, user interface, navigation, management and promotion of their wiki spaces. Following the creation of a work plan accommodated to the individual skills and time resources, the group begins the space creation/upgrade process. After the space is ready, the council meets occasionally to review progress, plan future steps and discuss day to day management topics.

 The first "wiki space council", was established in mid 2010 as a pilot with the "ERP Financials" space council. The founders were Nathan GenezMark Chaflen and Brendan O'Brian who will be the first guest in series of blog interviews with leading moderators, which I will publish in the upcoming weeks. In the interview, Brendan describes the change his space went through and shares his beliefs, motivation, benefits, future space plans and favorite wiki macro. 

If you are interested in joining a space council in your topic of expertise, please reach out to me.

Latest Wiki space councils related interviews:

Interview of Vanya Maneva, Member of "Technology Troubleshooting Guide" Wiki Space Council

Interview of the Founders of "ERP Human Capital Management" Wiki Space Council

Interview of Brendan O'Brien, Founder of  "ERP Financials" Wiki Space Council

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