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I wanted to make you aware of a new video that highlights the business value of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, including a few quotes from our customers and SAP executives at Sapphire Now Orlando.

If you are not familiar with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, here are a few words from Jim Snabe our CEO:

  • ‘We packaged the best practices in rapid-deployment solutions so that you can create the value, not two years later but weeks later, and with that evolve at the pace of your business but faster than competition.’ Jim Snabe, Co-CEO

What makes SAP Rapid Deployments so special is not necessarily just the software or the services, but rather some “free gifts” that we now include with our software and services to help our customers implement and run SAP:


  • ‘The Secret Sauce… which is all of the intellectual property, the best practices, the industry templates, all bundled up in a nice modular package. Most of them go-live in about a quarter”- Jeff Winter, VP SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Marketing

One of the best things about Sapphire Now, of course, is interacting with SAP Customers. Here’s what one of our customers had to say about their experience with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions at Sapphire Now:

  • “The configuration is all there, we dropped it in literally as designed, turned it on and it was amazing…” – Doreen Kendo, Westinghouse

Since this video was recorded, SAP has created even more rapid-deployment solutions. We are now over 150+:

To hear other customers talk about their experiences with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, click here.

Make sure to attend the SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions sessions at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid (November 13 – 15)

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