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In the run up to SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, I have been blogging about why customers choose SAP Partners. The series began after speaking to numerous customers about the things they find most important when working with a partner.

“Excellent team work; immediately understood our needs; team so strong it became an internal component,” are just some of the remarks about working with a partner that I uncovered.

SAP Partners play a crucial role. In fact they handle the SME market exclusively providing their customers’ with the expertise together with the kind of flexible tailor made delivery they want.  With over 101,000 SME customers, they are clearly getting it right.

Geared to the demands and dynamics of growing businesses, SAP Partners can support whatever requirement a customer has from the latest mobile solutions, business analytics, business process improvements as well as the most cutting-edge technology innovations.

In no particular order, here are values that came up when I asked customers about the advantages of working with a SAP Partner:

My list isn’t exhaustive, but what it shows is very important. SAP Partners, as their name suggests, aim to work with customers to enhance and grow their business.  “We hit it off immediately; we liked their business-to-technology approach; it’s the mix of knowledge, expertise, and specialization,” is typical of the feedback I discovered.

A partner is not just about getting solutions up and running. They are there to help select the right tools and deploy them to allow customers to run their business processes better.

Over 11,500 partners based across the globe can take SAP’s core solutions and develop innovative add-on functionality in all types of industry sectors. To date they have delivered over 1,300 industry specific solutions.

SAP Partners deliver the purchasing choice, consultation, implementation, local industry expertise, and quality that customers demand.