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With today’s modern businesses, support needs to be something more than a help desk clearing your tickets as quickly as possible. Businesses and their IT systems are constantly evolving and that can have huge impact on the systems they rely on to stay ahead of competitors and quickly react to market shifts.

In 1995, two Belgian entrepreneurs imported a container of decorative accessories as the beginning of a new venture. In the years since, their company Ethnicraft has grown, exporting all over Europe and manufacturing its unique furniture range from as far away as Indonesia and Vietnam.

The faster Ethnicraft grew, the clearer the restrictions of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system became. “We had reached its limits,” said Stefan Dusart, COO. “There was a lack of functionality but also, above all, of integration between the various applications, facilities and processes. That hampered our operations.

“It struck us that our needs were fairly complex. In logistics, for example – our suppliers are located on the other side of the world and we operate warehouses in two different locations. That demands far-reaching coordination,” remarked Dusart. “Our growing globalization also forced us to find a multilingual solution that supported intercompany processes.”

To help deliver the solution Ethnicraft turned to SAP partner Expertum.  “Expertum’s concrete, tangible solution convinced us,” said Dusart. “The best practices are based on experiences in our industry. So it seemed only logical to adapt our processes to these standards, and not vice versa.

“Like a true partner, their support was really crucial,” said Dusart. “By taking care of routine support tasks, we had the peace of mind that our systems would run optimally and our users could work effectively.”

As the first IT services provider in the Belgian market to receive the coveted SAP certificate for quality management, Expertum knows how to support its customers with an engagement that helps them implement, operate, innovate, and run better on a continuous basis, playing a significant role for Ethnicraft and other customers.

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