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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
If you have a technical issue with SAP software and are unable to find a solution by searching the SAP support knowledge base, you can use the step-by-step guided 'Get Support' application to report the problem.

The number one thing that will affect the processing time of your support case is selecting the correct system that is affected by the technical issue you want to report. Because everything that we will suggest during the case creation depends on the data derived from the selected system.

Choosing the right system and providing a meaningful description of your issue will enable embedded artificial intelligence (AI) services to

  • Predict and recommend the right product and product function, which are used to categorize your issue, ultimately routing it to the right experts to help you as fast as possible.

  • Propose the most suitable support channel: e.g., Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Case, SAP Community, etc.

  • Recommend solutions in real time to resolve the issue yourself.


Here are some tips to help you select the right system and product.

1. System selection: Open 'System List'- click on tab 'All'. Use the filtering option 'Leading Product' or search for the product name.

Filter on ‘Leading Product’:

Or search for product name:

You can also mark a system as 'Favorite', which makes it easier to select next time.

2. Product selection:

Based on the system selected, the system will recommend the product. Alternatively, you can choose from the 'Product' list.

Or search with product name or component:

Note: If your issue is not related to a specific product but, for instance, a project that you previously used an application component XX-PROJ* for, select ‘Customer Project-Based Solutions’ in the ‘Product’ field. This allows you to skip the selection of a product function and lets you directly add the component information.

If you want to report an issue for the SAP for Me portal, you can search for product “SAP for Me”


3. Product Function selection

Based on the short issue description and system selection, the system will recommend the right product function.

You can also search for the product function:

Or search with the component:


If you have any questions or concerns, we have several resources to support you including:

  • SAP for Me online help for case management.

  • upcoming live support webcasts that you can sign up to join or watch previous recordings for more information.

  • ‘Your Transition to SAP for Me’ on the SAP Support Portal.

  • SAP Knowledge Base Article 2848890 - The importance of choosing the right System (and Product) for your case

  • SAP Knowledge Base Article 3344969 - The importance of choosing the right Product and Product Function for your case


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