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You know that SuccessFactors solutions address the growing requirements in the human resource line of business. You have heard about faster innovation cycles, a cheaper consumption model and easier integration capability - but where to start? What are the best practices and where can you turn to for help? What about security? The answer is simple: SAP Enterprise Support value map pilot for Cloud & Hybrid.

This pilot started on April 29th and will run for 13 weeks but limited places are still available. The pilot focus is SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid scenarios.

Do you want to be a pilot customer?

For full details on what's involved and what you will get out of it, listen to the customer information session that was delivered on Thursday 23rd April 2015 here or visit the SAP Enterprise Support Academy value map pilot landing page.

Here is a taste of what you could gain from this pilot:

  • Discover the value, roadmap and best practices for SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid
  • Learn integration methodology for SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid
  • Extend existing HR business processes using Cloud & Hybrid
  • Plan and execute employee data migration from HCM into SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid
  • Plan implementation of SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid scenarios within budget, time and quality
  • Validate the quality, reliability and go-live status of SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid
  • Monitor and optimise the business outcomes of SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid
  • Implement end-to-end incident and escalation management processes for SuccessFactors Cloud & Hybrid

SAP Enterprise Support value maps, powered by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, support you to leverage the full potential of SAP SuccessFactors cloud & hybrid scenarios. Value maps also empower lines of business and IT teams to improve, validate, and drive the business continuity and efficient IT operation.

This pilot will run as part of the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council.

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