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Everyone has a (BI) story to tell which is why we launched the Real World BI Story series. On SCN we're used to talking about BI in relative isolation but in the field, the story gets much more complex when you consider the political, technical, and resource factors, to name just a few. The goals for this series are to share the details and lessons learned, and to enable readers to share their expertise and similar experiences. For example, would you have done anything differently? Do you have a similar experience, perhaps in another industry or using different technologies? What parts of the story do you agree with?


All this makes for compelling and highly valuable stories which is why we invite you to submit your idea. We'll work with you to develop your idea into a story that you'll publish as a blog, after you've approved the final version. We're looking forward to helping you tell your real world BI stories!


For an example of a real world BI story, read SAP Mentor Simon To’s rivetting account of Real World BI Stories: Upgrade or Else.