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Is Security a synonym for costly chaos? Does security top your list of concerns? You are not alone. And it’s not surprising given the rush to Internet openness in the on-demand world of standardized cloud platforms. I’m stating the obvious by saying that security must be the responsibility of the entire organization, including its eco system - not just the IT department. Get more than a glimpse on what SAP has to offer at SAPPHIRENOW.

So how to maintain security when there are no faces or passports, but those you let in go right through the gates of key banks or nuclear plants? How to admit only the right people to do only what they are permitted to do? That’s the high-risk IT identity management challenge Accenture has mastered. – I’d like to highlight this important customer presentation here!

It will be held Thursday, May 16 at 3:00pm-3:20pm in the Database and Technology Theater by Matthew M. Pecorelli, Principal at Accenture under the title “Take Identity and Access Management to the Next Level Securely” (Session ID 64591).

Also, visit the demo pod „Maximize the Strategic Value of IT and Secure Your Applications" (Pod ID DT622 as part of the Database and Technology Campus). You are invited to share your security experiences and discuss specifically your demand in this arena. Furthermore, you will get an overview of SAP’s security activities and technologies, and get first hand information on the latest releases of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management and the newest SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On application.

In addition, I’d like to invite you to our SAPPHIRENOW sessions on how to improve corporate compliance and application security in the Cloud:

Two demo theater sessions and one Microforum are devoted to these topics ---
Demo theater sessions (20 minutes):
Title: Improve Corporate Compliance Through Identity and Access Management (Session ID 64594)
Abstract: Learn how to better govern your provisioning and entitlement processes. Find out how you can create a unified, compliant security framework by integrating identity management, single sign-on, and access control software

One Microforum discussion round (45 minutes):
Title: Improve Application Security in the Cloud and On Premise (Session ID 64595)

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To find the latest sessions, keep your eye on the SAPPHIRENOW Session Catalog, and stay plugged in to the dedicated SAPPHIRENOW space in the events area right here on SCN.

I look forward to seeing you at SAPHHIRENOW!

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