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The SAP for Me portal serves as a companion to SAP customers, providing them with personalized access and a transparent view of their entire product portfolio. You can access SAP for Me with your S-user or SAP Universal ID. There is no need to request new authorizations for existing users.

Let's have a look at the functionalities recently added for Cloud System Availability!

Availability Status card

Following the path > Customer Dashboard > Systems & Provisioning > Availability you will see a new card, Availability Status, showing per default the current unavailable systems, if any.

Best scenario: all systems are available!


Alternatively currently unavailable systems appear in the list:


If you click on the Status of an available system you will be redirected to the corresponding Event page.

If you change to All you will see all your systems showing availability, whatever their status:


Using the Deployment Model filter you can choose between BTP, Other Public Cloud or Private Cloud systems (depending on your product portfolio). This filter is available in all three cards in the Availability tab.


Improved filtering in the Availability tab

In each card of the Customer Dashboard > Systems & Provisioning > Availability tab the existing filters have been changed to multiple choice filters. Also there is a Favorite Only checkbox in each card. It refers to the systems you might have selected as favorites in the Systems tab.

In the Event Overview card you will also find the SLA Relevance flag. It will allow you to select all the SLA relevant events at once.


This flag was also added to the Event detail page (accessible via the link on the Event ID).


SLA Relevance flag in the Event detail page


Last, but not least!

For a better access you will now find Cloud System Notification Subscriptions (CSNS) in the new Get Notified tab, right next to the Availability tab. You will be able to subscribe for system availability notifications without having to leave SAP for Me.


You have just learned how to find and use the latest Cloud System Availability features in SAP for Me. Feedback is highly appreciated. Please use the comment section for that.

For questions, please use our Q&A section.

If you are interested in upcoming features, please follow my profile and the SAP for Me tag.

You can also contact us under SAP for Me.