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Recently in a casual conversation with one of my friends in IT, this topic popped up “What is so special about what we do in SAP. Is it so difficult to build a Business related IT Solution and why does SAP do it better than others . Considering the present world scenario where start-ups can easily pick up a problem statement and with all the enablement can easily build, host and scale an ERP solution, what makes SAP unique and stand out.

Although what I answered to my friend was spontaneous and could convince him to some extent , I however thought of giving it a deeper thought and penning it down.

By coincidence, I am also part of SAP cross-generation mentorship program where I am paired with 2 early talents. We brainstormed this topic together and below are our observations.

  • With you always: SAP provides ERP solutions right through the journey of an organization - from its humble beginnings to when it becomes a fortune 500 company. SAP takes care of all required aspects (some of them mentioned below) when an organization is expanding from one country to another.

    • Globalization and localization

    • Legal compliance like GDPR

    • Tax compliance

    • Financial best practices and standards

  • Rich expertise of Integrated Business Processes: With extensive experience of Business Processes and its coverage of Industry verticals, SAP can enable an organization to adapt to best practices to run in specific Industries.

  • Keep speed with Market trends : Innovation is at the core of SAP. Rich insights provided by SAP analytics solutions decades ago were nothing less than the modern age terminologies of ML and AI. All SAP solutions are continuously upgraded with feature sets using the  state of art technology.

  • Ecosystem of skilled consultants, partners and support for customers.

  • Employee friendly: No wonder SAP has figured at the top list of the “Great place to work” survey year after year. People join SAP for a long journey which is fulfilling for both the employee and SAP.

No wonder we say “Best Run Businesses Run SAP”

I feel proud to be a part of SAP family .

Thanks !