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In today's analytics world, visualization has taken very important role. Look at the below different charts (Thanks to creator). Do you think that all of the below charts come up with core features of analytics products? If you ask me then I go with 'NO'.

If you agree with me then my question 'What & How would like to show' remains unanswered. Most of the time you end-up with creating reports with same look & feel or by using same charts but with different content. These kinds of reports end up with confusions and fail to capture the audience.

So what's the solution??

  1. Contact product company to add new chart & wait for months? or

  2. Ask your consulting firm to extend the core feature by paying them extra and wait for the long delivery time? or

  3. Random search in Internet and spend time to evaluate their offerings and quality of the charts?

Do you really think above few steps solve your requirements within time with quality? As a consumer of the the analytics reports, your main job is to take decision rather than finding different visualizations or to find who is the best provider?

In-order to make it simpler and avoid all above steps, SAP has introduced 'Analytics Extensions Directory'. It is one place for all sort of analytics extensions from free to paid, partners to vendors and beta extensions to certified extensions etc.....

In my next blog I will write it's important and salient feature of our new portal.

Stay tuned..

Vinay Hegde

SAP Product Management

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